"From the opening scene—a Steve Jobs-like product launch on steroids—to the tension-filled conclusion,Cymoeba: Awaken works as a fast-paced thriller and as a sci-fi exploration of the Internet and its influence on modern life. With incredible gadgets, a super villain, and an assassin worthy of a James Bond thriller, the well-designed plot unfolds with impressive imagination. The stand-out character is John Jones, a seemingly innocuous IT teacher who turns out to be remarkably brilliant, resourceful, and intriguing. An equally intriguing and countervailing “character” is the Internet, which is compared to a bowl of primordial soup that, with the right catalyst, is ready to evolve into an autonomous life form. Burst to life it does, but with catastrophic consequences. I especially liked the global perspective that captures the cultures of economically explosive China and Silicon Valley.


Fans of suspense thrillers and sic-fi will enjoy the fast-paced and creative story and appreciate an intriguing perspective on the 'life' that the Internet is creating for us."