Deep below the surface of the open web, lies a vast underground of networks and websites that make up the Deep, Dark Web where anonymity is the most coveted aspect. Hired hitmen, hackers, whistleblowers, and more come to congregate within. Here, a desperate cry from help is heard across the world. A cry to not only save themselves….but the world as they know it. A terrible cyberattack against the prominent J-Cloud server sends the world into a hacker’s nightmare. The internet is failing, society is collapsing, and every smartphone and smart devise is being eaten. Can this single hacker save the world in time? Will the fate of the human race be eradicated at this panicle technological moment? How far will Artificial Intelligence go before it devours the world?! Cymoeba: Awaken holds the answers to all these questions.

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The father of the internet Vint Cerf says it best: Cymoeba has a "good plot"! He "read to the end"! Get your copy from Amazon today to read this great sci-fi thriller!

"From the opening scene—a Steve Jobs-like product launch on steroids—to the tension-filled conclusion,Cymoeba: Awaken works as a fast-paced thriller and as a sci-fi exploration of the Internet and its influence on modern life. With incredible gadgets, a super villain, and an assassin worthy of a James Bond thriller, the well-designed plot unfolds with impressive imagination. The stand-out character is John Jones, a seemingly innocuous IT teacher who turns out to be remarkably brilliant, resourceful, and intriguing. An equally intriguing and countervailing “character” is the Internet, which is compared to a bowl of primordial soup that, with the right catalyst, is ready to evolve into an autonomous life form. Burst to life it does, but with catastrophic consequences. I especially liked the global perspective that captures the cultures of economically explosive China and Silicon Valley.


Fans of suspense thrillers and sic-fi will enjoy the fast-paced and creative story and appreciate an intriguing perspective on the 'life' that the Internet is creating for us."

Famous engineering professor and former IEEE president Dr. Raymond Findlay offers his review of Cymoeba: "This is a very powerful novel, with enough excitement to keep even the most discerning reader enthralled. I think everyone from the jaded sci-fi reader to computer geeks would enjoy this. I certainly did."

Cymoeba: Awaken is now available in print! Enjoy the thrilling action story of science fiction madness in paperback form! Order your copy on Amazon now!